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We are starting this new section which over time, will contain articles for HTMA Members that provide some helpful guidelines on various aspects of music performance. Some will be technical in nature, some will give helpful "stage" advice and performing tips.


George Williams is working on a series of "home recording" methods we will be publishing soon.


To get us up and running, our President Jerry LeCroy provides our first presentation on Microphone Setup and Usage. (Click the PDF-article to the right to download a PDF file for viewing online or printing)


Many of our members are multi-talented! If YOU have an idea for a performance or technical guide you'd like to contribute to this section of our

website, please contact Jerry LeCroy










Articles -


- A Few Thoughts on HTMA Meetings/Jams

by Jerry LeCroy


- An Intro to: Home Recording Techniques
by George Williams


- Home Recording Techniques
by George Williams


- Using Microphones
by Jerry LeCroy


- Beginner's Tips for playing at HTMA Jams
by Pat Long




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